Surely halloween is not really halloween without a pumpkin! Even though our children have grown up and flown the nest a long time ago we have to have a pumpkin in the house (but it has to have a smiley face), and we always have it lit in the window for halloween. Living where we do we always have a flurry of little visitors after dark on the 31st October, but this year will be different as there will be no trick or treating - it's fine for me but some of the little ones will miss it. I'll still put the pumpkin in the window!

Everything is different this year. It still seems strange not to be out and about at fairs and seeing all you lovely people in person, but it is amazing how things have adapted and virtual fairs are popping up all over the place! The up side is that you can shop from your sofa which is certainly quite appealing on a miserable day like today! Do checkout the brilliant ONLINE CHRISTMAS FAIR - 100 stallholders, amazing stuff, everyone offering a discount (I'm offering 10% off most things at the moment) and just one offer code - OCF2020 - it couldn't be easier. 

Given that it has just been announced that Oxford is going in to Tier 2 lockdown on Saturday I now have no option but to shop from my sofa!


Please do remember that you can support any of the virtual charity fairs I am involved in just by entering the relevant code in the box at checkout and 10% of your purchase will go to the charity. 


With pumpkins everywhere at the moment here's a recipe that's perfect for this time of year - THAI SPICED PUMPKIN AND APPLE SOUP - it's deliciously warming with a little kick, although mine had rather too much kick!  To ensure nothing is wasted how about trying these too - OVEN ROASTED PUMPKIN SEEDS - they are really moreish - great for munching on!

Do get in touch if I can help with anything "Fino" - despite the restrictions it remains business as usual here.

Please stay safe and well.

Susie x

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