To say the weather is unpredictable is a massive understatement right now but we just have to smile and get on with it and be adaptable! On Wednesday I changed my clothes three times - I put my jeans on when I got up because it was rather grey, by the time I had had breakfast the sun was out and I realised I was going to be far too hot so I changed into a dress, and then I managed to mis-time an afternoon dog walk and got caught in one of the torrential downpours so had to change yet again. It is what it is, and it is certainly suiting the agapanthus outside our front door.




It doesn't take much to put a smile on someone's face and it feels so nice when you do - I was sent this lovely note recently which made me smile  .... thank you lovely customer



Hopefully this might make you smile ... this weekend you can grab yourself a FREE jar of one of our fantastic Savoury Jams when you place any order over £25 - all you need to do is add CHORIZO or CHILLI at the checkout to let me know which one you would like and your wish will be my command.





Whatever the weather's doing we eat so much salad at this time of year - often it's just some fresh green leaves, clearly made all the more delicious with Fino Olive Oil and Balsamic, but sometimes it's nice to make something a bit more special. This Charred Chilli Peaches with Mozzarella, Rocket and White Balsamic is an incredibly simple salad and a brilliant one for now while peaches are lovely and ripe - delicious with some BBQ'd fish or chicken (with some warm focaccia to sop up the juices!), or I did it last night with fresh pasta - yum! If you would prefer to do it without chilli then you can use The Village Oil instead of the Chilli Oil and it will be equally as good.


This weekend I am at The Gatcombe Food & Drink Festival and I am so looking forward to seeing some real customers! I am also very excited about seeing lots of my other lovely stallholder friends who I haven’t seen what seems like an age! There will be loads going on, with lots of lovely stalls (not just food and drink) and it's on all weekend - we'd love to see you!


Have a great weekend

Susie x

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