Anyone who knows me well knows I am not someone to sit down … ever … if I do I tend to fall asleep! August has been relatively quiet at Global HQ with so many people on holiday so perfect timing to come across a nice little project. Last week as I was walking the dogs I passed a house with two very pretty oak carver chairs (with no seats) sitting outside on the pavement – they looked rather unloved, and clearly were excess to requirements for their present owners, so had been popped on the pavement for a lucky passer by. It was too tempting! Having got them home, cleaned them off and given them a polish I then realised why it was that the side struts were made from very crude looking pieces of wood – they had clearly been rush seated in a former life so that’s what they needed to be again. A couple of You Tube videos later, and a few phone calls which led me to the most lovely retired “rush seat” man who was happy to give me a couple of hours guidance in return for some Fino Olive Oil, this is where I have got to – almost done with the first one and I’m really quite proud of myself.


This week I made the most delicious dressing for this Butternut Squash and Spinach Salad – unsurprisingly it was made with Fino Olive Oil and Fino White Balsamic, but it had the added extra of a couple of Mejdool dates which gave it the most delicious sweetness – it could work on loads of different types of salad so give it a go, and if you make more than you need it will keep in the fridge for a few days too!



We have got a really spoiling weekend ahead. We are off to Somerset for Rupert's postponed 60th birthday treat where we are staying at the lovely No1 Brutonwhich I can so recommend from a previous stay. It is the most gorgeous boutique hotel, the staff are so friendly, and the decor is divine - this is just the stairs!

There are also some really great places to eat including the highly acclaimed farm-to-table restaurant, Osip where we are eating on Saturday night – I can’t wait - and as a hotel guest we get served the most delicious breakfast there too. There are certainly benefits of the delay – firstly we have had that much longer to look forward to it, and secondly in the interim Osip has been awarded a Michelin Star! We are so looking forward to it.

Whilst I am having a spoil you can be spoilt too – grab 10% off everything this weekend (minus multiples of tins) when you add SOMERSET at the checkout.

Have a good one.

Susie x

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