I love the colours of this autumnal salad. Great for a simple supper with just a baked potato.

1 small red cabbage, 1 orange, 50g crumbly blue cheese, small handful hazelnuts (optional), Fino Olive Oil, Fino White Balsamic, rock salt, freshly ground black pepper

Finely shred the red cabbage. Take a knife and chop off all the peel and the pith from the orange, then cut out the individual segments so there is no skin at all - do this over a plate so you catch all the juice. Put the red cabbage into a pan with a drizzle of Fino Olive Oil - fry over a gentle heat for about 5 mins to slightly soften and heat through. Once warmed place into a dish, top with the orange slices, crumble over the blue cheese (and some coarsely chopped hazelnuts if you want), drizzle with Fino White Balsamic and season with rock salt and freshly ground black pepper. Serve straight away.

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