This recipe is inspired by "Serving Dumplings" - it sounded so delicious and how could I resist when it uses dark balsamic!

250g linguine, 300g wild mushrooms, 2 cloves garlic chopped, 1 shallot chopped, 2tbsps olive oil, 30g unsalted butter, 3 tbsps Fino Dark Balsamic, 1tsp each dried thyme, sage, paprika, chilli flakes, salt and pepper, mozzarella and toasted pine nuts for serving

Cook linguine in salted water, drain and keep warm. Take a large sauté pan and place on a high heat - add the mushrooms and fry (without oil) until they start to release moisture, then add the olive oil and the spices and continue to cook until the mushrooms start to brown. Then add the dark balsamic, butter, garlic and shallot allowing the butter to melt and the garlic and shallot to sauté. This will only take a couple of minutes. Toss the mushrooms with the pasta and serve garnished with mozzarella and toasted pine nuts.

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