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I am quite certain lots of you have already discovered it but for those of you who haven’t courgetti is so easy, and very inexpensive – all you need is a courgette which you turn into “etti” either using some sort of “etti” machine like a spiralizer, or if all else fails just do it yourself by slicing really thinly lengthwise (or you can buy it ready done in a supermarket!) When you have the raw courgetti you can either steam for literally a minute or, even better in my opinion, sauté with Fino Olive Oil in a frying pan over a gentle heat.  I add some ginger, chilli and garlic but you could add prawns (how is it I have only just discovered that you can cook prawns from frozen – great tip!) or you could make a tomato sauce to have on top.  It’s yum.

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