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2 medium sized courgettes, olive oil, salt and freshly ground pepper, handful of mint leaves, 180g philadelphia cheese, lemon juice, (we used crumbled feta and pistachios to decorate)

Firstly chop the courgettes into chunks and place on a roasting tray - drizzle with Fino Olive Oil and season with salt and pepper - place in the oven at 180C and bake for 20 mins until they are slightly softened. Remove from oven and allow to cool slightly before placing in the whizzer (do scrape all the delicious juices in too) along with the mint leaves and the philadelphia. Whizz everything together until you get the consistency you want. You can always add a little lemon juice if it's too thick. Once done put into a bowl and serve with crusty bread or pita. We crumbled some feta and chopped pistachios on the top to decorate, but if you prefer you could add a drizzle of olive oil and top it with some mint leaves.

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