I'm just giving you the heads up that this weekend we are taking part in 'The Glorious Edit', a brilliantly curated selection of fab independent brands all of whom are offering unique discounts - we are offering a whopping 12% off pretty much everything Fino - but it is only until midnight on Sunday so don't hang about. To access the discounts across all the wonderful brands use code THEEDIT.

Whilst we would love it if you do, we won't be too sad if you don't get round to shopping with us this weekend as we are doing lots more fairs in the next month (six next week!!) and we are so loving seeing our customers when we are out and about - hopefully we will see you somewhere.


Just in case you are too busy sorting your christmas shopping to think what you might do for supper how about Chicken Marbella. This has long been a family favourite in the Taylor household - it's really easy to make, you can do it well in advance (the day before if poss so it has a good long time to marinade), and it's a one pot wonder which I love! It always hits the spot with us - hope it does with you too.

On a completely different note I so hope that if you have animals they don't get too distressed by fireworks - sadly ours doggies do and it is so horrid. Any suggestions as to what to do to help gratefully welcomed. 

Have a happy weekend ...

Susie x

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