Crikey it's hot! While the temperatures have been soaring this week we have managed to resist the temptation to head to the seaside, and instead have been doing lots of cooking – in reality Ben has done most of it - he has been a complete star! We thought we would share a couple of Summery recipes with you that you might enjoy.


1 watermelon (a smallish one will be plenty), ½ a red onion, handful of fresh mint, 1 punnet ripe cherry tomatoes, crumbled feta (approx. 100g)

For the dressing  - 2 tbsp Fino Olive Oil, 2 tbsp fresh lime juice, 1 tsp runny honey, salt and pepper

Cut the watermelon into bite sized pieces, thinly slice the red onion and halve the tomatoes - place in a bowl and mix together. Combine all ingredients for your dressing and mix well. Spoon the dressing onto the watermelon and then top with mint and crumbled feta. This is a wonderfully refreshing salad when it's scorchio!


250g shortcrust pastry, 150g new potatoes, 225g frozen peas, 15g mint leaves, 120g goats cheese, glug of Fino Olive Oil, 1 leek, finely sliced, 4 large eggs, 2 tbsp milk

Preheat oven to 200C. Grease a 9 inch tart tin. Roll pastry out until it is comfortably bigger than the tin as it will shrink when cooked. Line the tin with the pastry making sure there is an overhang all the way around. Prick the bottom of the pastry with a fork and chill in the fridge for 20 mins. 

Cook the potatoes until tender, cool and slice into ½ cm thick slices. Bring peas to the boil and then run under a cold tap to re-fresh. Retaining 2 tbsp of the cooked peas, put the rest into a blender along with 75g of the goats cheese and the mint. Blend to your desired consistency.

Once chilled bake the pastry, firstly with foil and baking beans on top for 20 mins. Take out of the oven and remove the baking beans and foil. Put back in the oven for 8 mins, or until the pastry is turning crisp and golden.

Pour a glug of Fino Olive Oil into a pan, add the leeks and saute over a gentle heat for 10 mins until they are soft. Whisk the eggs and milk together in a jug and add a good pinch of salt and pepper. Spread the leeks on the bottom of the pastry and top with the sliced potato. Spoon the pea and mint pesto into the pastry and then pour in the egg/milk mixture. Scatter the left over peas on top and place the remainder of the goats cheese, in slices, around the top of the tart. Bake for 25-30 mins, or until there is no liquid on the top of the tart. Remove from the oven.

Allow to cool for 10 mins before removing from the tart tin and serving!

I know I have given you the heads up about the fantastic Online Summer Fair and the fab small independent brands that are a part of it, and I know from my own orders (thank you so much) that some of you have had a peek and found some great stuff. There is so much on offer – food and wine (my personal favourites!), clothing, homewares, gifts and loads more – there is something for everyone! The original plan had been to run throughout June, but everyone is loving being a part of it so we have decided to continue for July as well - if you haven’t had a chance to have a browse yet it is not too late – click here to take a look, but the most important thing to remind you is that all the brands have an offer for the duration of the fair – just use ONLINESUMMERFAIR as the discount code – same code for all the brands so it’s really simple! So you can get 10% off most Fino products at the moment if you enter ONLINESUMMERFAIR at the checkout. 

There are also a number of fantastic giveaways running throughout the duration of the fair and you will automatically have a chance of winning when you make any purchase from a participating business. I am delighted to say that the first giveaway, which was for Fathers Day, was won by a Fino customer – well done Claire! 

Enjoy the sunshine, the food and the shopping!

Susie x

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