I am sure I am not the only one who is dreading the impending heatwave! I do sometimes think it's bizarre that we chose to go and live in Spain given that I honestly do not like the heat, having said that I don't remember it being an issue at the time - now, the minute the sun comes out I dive for the shade - perhaps it's my age! Whatever your age it's clearly going to be a scorcher so do take care.





One of the things I loved when we were living in Spain was the extended lunches with friends and family that we often had sitting on our terrace. There was a pretty spectacular view so it was a particularly fab place to spend a few hours, chatting and creating special memories whilst sharing delicious food - Paella was often on the menu, and another regular was classic Spanish Gazpacho.

We have a houseful this weekend for Ben's birthday so in preparation I have literally just made a big batch of Gazpacho and it is honestly so delicious that I thought I must share it (perhaps it's the Olive Oil and White Balsamic) - it really is a perfect option in the heat - perhaps you might enjoy it this weekend too.





I hope some of you are going to have some time out over the summer. We are heading off to the west coast of Scotland for a couple of weeks which I am so excited about - having never been there before, but having seen lots of photos I know how utterly beautiful it is, and I cannot wait. I'm just praying that the midges won't be too bad as I always seem to be a perfect target!

Whilst I am away orders will still be processed but they might be slightly slower than normal. If there is anything you are in particular need of please do order before the end of next week (22nd) and I will make sure it goes out before I head off. I'm back on 9th August.


Have a happy weekend


Susie x

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