It’s July - is this really summer? Last week was scorching at times, and ironically I spent the two hottest days standing in a marquee!  I was delighted to be a stallholder at each of the two charity lunches, but the timing was a little unfortunate (for everyone) with temperatures soaring. Extreme heat and me don’t really go together now … I think it’s my age!

Summer in Britain really is amazing for the medley of sport on offer – I hope you are enjoying some of it maybe in person, but if not on the television. I am completely gripped by Wimbledon, more so this year than ever before - it's completely inspirational watching the talent of people who are in many cases so so young. As for the Euros who knows how things will pan out? And then there's the cricket - lots being played internationally, nationally and closer to home too! As we speak there are more cricket whites on the washing line! 

Talking things English I have just been to pick some delicious English strawberries. This week I have tried a new recipe which I am hoping will be really good - Olive Oil and Sea Salt Ice Cream (a no churn version as I don't have an ice cream maker), and I think juicy red strawberries will be great with it – fingers crossed as we have friends coming for supper tonight and I am trying it out on them. I am hoping it is a good one and that some of you might enjoy it too.

Excitement is rising here (amidst the cricket) as Emily is coming back from Aus in a week’s time for three whole weeks! This is her first time back in the UK for 18 months – I am aware it may well feel quite strange for her but we can’t wait. It’s going to be such a busy time for her, but so special catching up with lots of friends and family (I remember what it was like when we used to come back from Spain for a few weeks). I just hope the sun shines a bit – if it rains too much it is unlikely to help in tempting her back long term! At least the agapanthus by the front door have timed it pretty perfectly – I reckon they will be in full bloom for her arrival.

With the end of term looming if any of you are still thinking of presents for teachers do check out our Gift Box options, or who wouldn’t love a yummy bottle of Olive Oil or a bottle of fantastic Balsamic – everything is sent out by courier on a next day delivery service so there is still plenty of time. Just one request - do please tell us where the courier can leave the package if you are out (you can fill in a box on the website).

Whatever you are doing, enjoy it

Susie x

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