I hope you were able to enjoy some quiet time over christmas and new year - whilst it was definitely different to our norm I was so lucky having my immediate family with me, and I really did enjoy the lack of rushing around - I even read two books! There were definitely a few comments made about how unusual but nice it was to see me relaxing, and I have to agree it really was good to do just that.

It seems amazing to think that a year ago today I was on a plane heading to Spain for a few days to visit suppliers and old friends, and then enjoyed a fantastic weekend in the beautiful city of Malaga with Rupert - how different the world is now. I know how lucky I am but I am thinking so much of the hundreds of people whose situations are more tricky for whatever reason. One step at a time - we will get through this.

When lots feels out of our control there is all the more reason to focus on, and enjoy the things that are in our control. Eating healthily is always important, but even more so now when our immune systems really need a boost. With good ingredients it is really simple to produce yummy food. Get a head start and grab some essential healthy ingredients this weekend when you can get 10% off our yummy olive oil and balsamic by entering WECANDOIT at checkout.


This recipe for Harrisa Roasted Aubergine was given to me by the lovely @susieflory - she is a great food enthusiast and is really talented too - we had it for supper last night and it was delicious so do give it a try - and it is perfect for Veganuary! Susie also happens to host a fantastic podcast - The Inside Out Series - if you are looking for inspiration as to how to while away the time I definitely recommend it.

Stay strong everyone and stay safe.

Susie x











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