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What a great day I had yesterday - not only was it my birthday and I was thoroughly spoiled, but also the 2013 Great Taste Award results were announced and Fino has achieved 3 awards - a 3 star award (*** EXQUISITE. WOW! TASTE THAT) and two 2 star awards (** OUTSTANDING)!!  How exciting is that.

The Great Taste Awards is the world's largest and most rigorous food awards scheme involving over 400 judges and thousands of hours of blind tasting - this year nearly 10,000 products were tasted and of these only 125 achieved 3 stars - Fino Dark Balsamic was one!!  In addition the Fino White Balsamicand the Fino Arrope both achieved 2 star awards! 

Here are some of the judges comments ....

Fino Dark Balsamic - *** - A rich unctuous vinegar with a deep mahogany colour; the full flavour of raisins lingers on the tongue. The balance of acidity is ideal. Delicious with bread dipped in, It is so thick is is 'drizzle-able'. A superb vinegar. It's drinkable! Amazing.

Fino White Balsamic - ** - A light vinegar with a beautiful light and sweet rounded flavour. The colour is light and clear. We think this would be excellent with food but is also great on its own. A definite star thanks to its unique quality and taste. Great freshness of flavour and balance.

Fino Arrope - ** - Beautiful nose, thick drizzle-able texture, fresh fruit and complex, layered, flavours; fabulous after-taste. Wow, we loved this. Lovely as a glaze.


I am so delighted.


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