This recipe was sent to me by my divine friend Lucy, and comes from a book written by her step sister - The Real Taste of Spain by Jenny Chandler - I have now ordered the book for myself as it looks divine

Ingredients - 3 slices white country bread, 900g/2lbs VERY RIPE tomatoes peeled, deseeded and chopped, 1 medium cucumber peeled and roughly chopped, 3 red peppers deseeded and roughly chopped, 2 garlic cloves roughly chopped, 2 spring onions sliced (optional), 100ml extra virgin olive oil, salt, 1-2 tbsp sherry vinegar to taste (you could use Fino White Balsamic here)

To garnish use any of the following - 2 hard boiled eggs finely diced, sliced spring onion, cucumber very finely diced, red pepper very finely diced, croutons fried in olive oil, tiny cubes of jamon serrano

Start by placing the bread in a small bowl and cover with water. Leave to soak.

Next put all the vegetables in a food processor and process well.

Add the soaked bread to the vegetables together with the extra virgin olive oil and process, adding just enough water to get a soupy consistency. Remember if you are going to add ice cubes when you serve it will be diluted further. Season with salt and vinegar to taste.

Serve well chilled with a few ice cubes and a selection of the garnishes.

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